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The 10 most magical places in California


10Pinnacles National Park

By Samartur (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

San Benito & Monterey County, California
With all of California’s beautiful national parks, we had to give some love to the nation’s newest. Established as a National Park under Barack Obama in 2013, Pinnacles is named for the eroded rock spires that remain from an extinct volcano. Volatile undulations of the San Andreas Fault helped create the rocky monoliths which stand today and are a favorite destination for rock climbers. Pinnacles is an occasional home to the rare and critically endangered California condor, representing one of your only opportunities to see one in the wild. The park also hosts majestic golden eagles, prairie falcons and bats. Climbing, hiking, camping, spelunking, wildlife watching and rock collecting are all popular at Pinnacles; or you can just sit and draw inspiration from its massive vertical stones.


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