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7 Totally winnable food challenges where you can eat for free!

Willy's Colossal Pizza Challenge
Source: Facebook.Com / Jeremy Sugden

8For those big appetites

If you’ve got a hunger that can only be satisfied with a massive, gut-busting plate of gigantic proportions, you might as well get some recognition for it, right? Hundreds of places these days are joining in on the “food challenge” trend, but most are either impossible for the everyday gurgitator, or come only with a free t-shirt, and/or a place on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame. That recognition is nice, but why put your digestive system to the test just so you can have your ugly mug on the wall and become a walking billboard for the restaurant? Nah, if we’re going to eat an extreme amount of food, we want that meal free. And we’ve found some food challenges around the country that are totally doable, and offer the meal free if you finish it within their guidelines.

We did not include any of the hundreds of spicy food challenges. If you can handle the hottest, most sadistic sauces chefs can muster, you should never have to pay for a meal. There are places where you’ll get the meal free if you can finish a mere six wings. Never mind that your face will be in agony for hours. No, we’re focusing on mild but huge meals, where you may walk out stuffed, but your wallet will as well.



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