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Ranking the 18 best fast food burger joints with our incredibly scientific survey


Here in our super-secret Maps and Menus labs, we ran an incredibly scientific survey, scouring the web for top fast food burger lists. We looked in web’s dankest corners, and found lists created by chefs, surveys, and bloggers. We also found some more reputable sources, such as Consumer Reports, Consumer Brand Metrics, and the famous Harris Poll. You may thank us, dear readers, for the sacrifices we make for you.

In all, we mined 17 lists to discover what truly is America’s favorite fast food burger joint. Cumulatively, the lists included input from tens of thousands of burger-munchers. We scored the burgers on each list, and ran it through another ultra-scientific algorithm to determine each burger’s Burger Love Score (BLS). It’s all very hush-hush and we’ve applied for all appropriate patents. The perfect BLS score is 100.

16Sonic (14.4 BLS)

Source: sonic-blast.com

Okay, I must be the only one who can’t figure out the call button system at Sonic. I mean, can they hear me even if I don’t press the button? Do I need to press it every time I talk? I always try to make sure someone else is driving so I don’t show my ignorance. But you know what? I love it when they do, because Sonic has some solid burgers. They’re no-fuss; they don’t have foofy names like some of the places on this list, and they don’t try to re-invent the category. They’re just everything a fast food burger should be, and nothing it shouldn’t be. We recommend for maximum deliciousness you partner a bacon cheeseburger with some onion rings, and wash that down with some frozen cherry limeade. Sonic appeared on four of 17 lists, though only Thrillist ranked Sonic as high as fifth.


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