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Ranking the 18 best fast food burger joints with our incredibly scientific survey

Source: culvers.com

Here in our super-secret Maps and Menus labs, we ran an incredibly scientific survey, scouring the web for top fast food burger lists. We looked in web’s dankest corners, and found lists created by chefs, surveys, and bloggers. We also found some more reputable sources, such as Consumer Reports, Consumer Brand Metrics, and the famous Harris Poll. You may thank us, dear readers, for the sacrifices we make for you.

In all, we mined 17 lists to discover what truly is America’s favorite fast food burger joint. Cumulatively, the lists included input from tens of thousands of burger-munchers. We scored the burgers on each list, and ran it through another ultra-scientific algorithm to determine each burger’s Burger Love Score (BLS). It’s all very hush-hush and we’ve applied for all appropriate patents. The perfect BLS score is 100.

18A&W (13.6 Burger Love Score)

Source: awguarantee.ca


A&W barely hung on to the bottom rung of this meaty ladder, and we’re glad they did. Firstly, A&W is the second-oldest restaurant on the list. Predating McDonald’s by a solid 17 years, the first A&W restaurant opened in Sacramento, California in 1923! Second, any burger joint that serves up their hand-held-happiness bomb with a root beer in a frosty mug has our vote. We recommend the Papa Burger, which comes with A&W’s signature sauce. It tastes like a Big Mac that hasn’t sat in a food tray for a week. A&W made only two of the 17 lists we scoured, but the two lists LOVED A&W burgers. The National Post (a Canadian publication) ranked it first, which… is this really the best burger North of the border? If so, your neighbors to the South feel sore-ee for you.



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